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Dampman Swiss Technologies is a machine shop specializing in parts that are 1.250" outer diameter. We can make your parts out of any material on our swiss style machines. We stribe to reduce setup times, part cycle times, and improve quality of the entire process of producing your product in our shop.

With over 34 years of manufacturing in the Areospace, Automotive, Marine, Medical, Telecommunications, and many different Industrial fields. We can assist in any part of the process, from concept to shipping.

About Us

From metals 304 stainless, titanium, brass to plastics such at Peek, nylon, Teflon. If it can be machined, we can machine it.
Any size quantities and tight tolerances.
From sample runs, to full blown production. We can ramp up quickly to meet the needs of the custom. With tolerances down to +/- .0003 depending on the part geometry and order needs, we can work with you to get the best part that can be made for you.
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120 Quarry Road
Douglassville, PA 19518
Monday 6am - 6pm
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Saturday CLOSED (open per appointment)